Place all mustard orders by December 17th to guarantee Christmas delivery, if orders are placed after this date then unfortunately we will not be able to guarantee its delivery in time for Christmas. Have a very  Merry Christmas from The Tewkesbury Mustard Company.

Established in 2013 by Samantha Ramsey & Robin Ritchie, on a mission to keep Tewkesbury mustard true to its roots. Hand making everything themselves in a small kitchen in Tewkesbury,  people today are still clearly as keen as mustard.

We produce our delicious mustard in Tewkesbury, we are the ONLY mustard-maker in the borough of Tewkesbury. We are continuing a tradition that dates from before the 16th century, an artisan product that was famous throughout the land, mentioned in Shakespeare’s Henry IV and recommended in many old recipe books and by commentators over the following hundreds of years, and has now been featured on;

  • The Baker Brothers ‘Dish of the cotswolds’
  • ITV with Adrian Edmonson in “Ade in Britain,”
  • The Great British Food Revival’ with Ainsley Harriott,
  • BBC2 ‘Escape to the country’
  • Micheal Portillo’s ‘Great British Railway Journey’s.’
  • BBC James Martins ‘Home Comforts’

Tewkesbury mustard was reputedly the finest in England, but was only ever sold in the form of mustard balls.

We produce this very convenient form – convenient to transport, easy to mix and incredibly versatile. Tewkesbury mustard sold in jars is a 20th century development that in only a very few cases could lay claim to the qualities that made Tewkesbury mustard so famous.

Our mustard in jars uses ingredients that would have been available to medieval folk, local wherever possible.