Honey & Horseradish WholeGrain


“he a good wit? hang him, baboon! his wit is as thick as Tewkesbury mustard.”



‘A Grain of Wit from The Bard of Avon’

Honey and Horseradish WholeGrain Mustard.

If you are not a massive lover of hot horseradish, our wholegrain will be just the mustard for you.

Made with severn cider vinegar & local honey, combined with two types of whole mustard seeds and a little horseradish.

Named after William Shakespeare who mentions the mustard in Henry IV, Part 2, in which Falstaff has the line: “his wit’s as thick as Tewkesbury Mustard” (Act 2, Scene 4, Line 244), describing the character of his friend Ned Poins.

Store in a cool dry place, will keep for one year from the date of manufacture.

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Weight 180 g

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