Catherine Parr’s ‘Pot of Spices



This mustard is great when added to homemade mayonnaise, coleslaws & potato salads.



This mustard is quite hot, it contains a good amount of horseradish & cinnamon with red wine vinegar.

Made using a combination of spices, cinnamon for an added bursts of heat,  cider &  red wine vinegar to add sweetness where necessary.

This concoction is a true winter warmer.

It will make your eyeballs stand out on stalks, and rather encourage a warm inner glow.

Catherine Parr who was the last surviving wife of Henry VIII.

Catherine Parr then went on to marry Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley castle.

We supply this very spicy Tewkesbury Mustard to only a few shops, it is available to buy from the shop inside Sudeley Castle.

Dinning Suggestion:

• Perfect when eaten with christmas turkey,
• Mix me with mayonnaise for added flavour,
• Superb when added to dauphinoise potato.

If the heat of this mustard is to much for you to handle, why not try using in homemade coleslaw.

We can appreciate that not everyone likes ridiculously hot mustards,

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Heat Strength


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