Gunpowder Mustard 100g


 Make your own smokey mustards at home, add to stew & casseroles for added mustard kick!

Visit The Houses of Commons shop to purchase a similar Gunpowder mustard pot, we make those to 😉

Delicious with cold meats, cheese, salad dressings & fantastic when added to Mayonnaise.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

This Smoked Gunpowder Mustard will improve all dishes where a little warmth is desired.
Gunpowder Mustard will last a very long time in the kitchen cupboard, but will last even longer if stored in the refrigerator.


Smoked Gunpowder Mustard  100g


Guy Fawkes  –  ‘The Gunpowder Plot’

Make smoked horseradish mustards at home using this unique mustard flour.

Brand New Gunpowder Mustard!

Order online in time for Bonfire Night & Christmas!
Smokey mustard & horseradish powder, packed in a recyclable cardboard craft Barrel.

Includes a free reusable muslin pouch made in Cheltenham by Tuesday Two Designs,

Gunpowder Mustard when made into a paste or dressing using any choice of liquid, mix with water, cider, beer, vinegar etc

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Weight 100 g

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