King Henry’s Balsamic Mustard





Balsamic vinegar was recorded as a condiment as long ago as the 4th century, this mustard is a truly luxurious recipe.

Using a Modena balsamic vinegar which gives it a dark appearance and a sweetness that truly is irresistible.

This mustard is deceptive in respect to getting fouled by its sweet taste but then giving you a slight kick of horseradish that disappears shortly after eating but returns again on your next mouthful.

Dinning suggestions:
• Spice up your salads (Making your own dressings),
• fantastic when added to Venison and rare meat dishes,
• Try me with chocolate, pleasantly tasty.

I know what you’re thinking…’chocolate!’… really?.. yes really.

Might I suggest that you temper milk chocolate, mix a teaspoon on mustard with about a tablespoon of milk then add this to the tempered chocolate. Dip strawberry’s into the mix for that extra sweetness. Never mind chilli and chocolate, mustard and chocolate wins every time.

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Weight 100 g

Heat Strength


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