Very Pleasant Peasants Tewkesbury Mustard


Alcohol Free*

Mild’ish, worth only 1 Gauntlet for it’s delivery of  horseradish heat.

This Tewkesbury Mustard in particular is sold & used in Tilly’s of Tewkesbury Cafe & touching Souls Tearoom next to Tewkesbury abbey, if you wanted to try before you buy then those would be a good place to start.


Very Pleasant Peasants Tewkesbury Mustard 180g is very Traditional, a combination of yellow mustard flour, horseradish essence, spring water & local apple juice.




Medieval Peasant Mustard

Non alcoholic, made from very simply ingredients.

Made with apple juice, squeezed & bottled from apples from Hoo House Nursery.
Very Pleasant Peasants Tewkesbury Mustard 180g is our most tradition Tewkesbury Mustard, if you were to take the Famous Mustard Ball and mix it with a little spring water and apple juice then this is the result that you would most likely achieve in doing so.
The life of a Medieval peasant changed with the seasons. Small animals required slaughtering during the autumn as it was not economic or practical to feed animals during the winter. The meat was then preserved in salt. Bread was a mainstay of the Medieval Peasant. Corn, grain, cabbage, ale or cider was obtained from the local area.

A simpler but very fine reconstitution in larger jars, 180g (8 oz). This is how a cottager might very well have made their mustard, and this version is particularly mild (by our standards).

As with all our Tewkesbury Mustard reconstitutions, we use the finest ingredients, local where possible.

Dinning Suggestions:

  • Eat me with beef.
  • Add me to mash potato.
  • Great when added to gravy.

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Weight 180 g


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