Gold Mustard Ball 40g

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  •  A Mustard Ball

The Only True Tewkesbury Mustard.

Taste of the West winner 2014




Each ball weighs 40g (just over 1 oz) and sold singly, featured with FREE DELIVERY.

The best before date for mustard balls is normally one year from the date of manufacture.

Purchases online are normally made to order, to ensure a long life.

To help prevent the mustard ball from drying; Once open, wrap the mustard ball in cling film tightly.

This will allow the natural mustard oil (that seeps from the dough) to keep the mustard ball soft & hot.


A mustard ball is the only true Tewkesbury Mustard, popular from the 16th to the 19th centuries & only sold in this form. Never in jars or other containers.

To reconstitute a mustard ball to a paste or home-made mustards, simply add a liquor of your choice, such as beer, cider, wine, vinegar or cider vinegar or as one chef tried successfully – cognac! The possibilities are endless, other suggestions are Apple juice, Gin, whiskey, soy sauce, tomato juice.

Water would have been strongly associated with the plague, so be a bit more inventive.

Making the mustard ball into a great salad dressing by adding a little olive oil or rapeseed oil, whisk together.

Your own consistency and taste.

The idea is to only use as much mustard ball as you need, creating different flavours and strengths of mustard as and when you fancy a dabble.

If/when the ball does eventually dry out or if its use by date is fast approaching, a great thing to do with the mustard ball is to add it to your casseroles and stews.

In other words, with a mustard ball you can create your own unique masterpieces.

Mustard balls traditionally were dried, naturally to aid preservation and to help with transportation.

It is perfectly ok to shave the mustard straight onto you food, but use it in your own way.

A good link for further information about the mustard ball

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Weight 40 g

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    This is a fantastic mustard, really well made and presented with a beautiful rich flavour, it has a taste all of its own and a lovely hot kick at the end, I mix mine with a little scrumpy or real ale and it works a treat. It’s great to eat something with such a great history, I can’t recommend it enough.

    • Thank you for you lovely review 🙂

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