Pickled Mustard Seeds 100g


Pickled Mustard Seeds 100g come with FREE DELIVERY

Often served at high end restaurants

Delicious Pickled Mustard Seeds are served on top of canapés, giving the impression of real caviar

Mustard seeds go way back in time

In the bible, the mustard seed is mentioned in both Luke and Matthew
They have been referenced all they way back to the fifth century BC in India from a story of Buddha


Pickled Mustard Seeds 100g, really do make a great condiment. When pickled, mustard seeds’ texture becomes similar to caviar, and the flavourful seeds make a perfect addition to cheese, salads, creamy, devilled eggs or as an accompaniment to pork.




Very Delicious Pickled Mustard Seeds

A Poor Man’s Caviar

Unique pickled mustard seeds are a tasty addition to fine dining dishes, salads, sandwiches and especially mashed potato.

They’re easy to use and are bursting with flavour.

This is the true caviar of all seeded mustards

Very Sophisticated, made using whole yellow and black mustard seeds.

Boiled in two different wine vinegars, and combined with a homemade sugar syrup.

The seeds become tender & toothsome as they soak up the vinegar’s complexity, they release a bursts of flavour on the tongue when crunched.




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Weight 100 g

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